Nairobi Coffee Fest

 An exclusive annual event with an aim of bringing coffee lovers, industry players and farmers together to promote the coffee culture in Kenya. The 1st edition was held on September 24, 2017 at the Nairobi Art Centre, Lavington and it was a huge success. It featured Coffee Painting, Tasting, Latte Art, Hand Brewing, Cocktail Making, live music, crafts for kids, adult pottery workshops and so much more. The Nairobi Art Centre is an official event organizer, but we’re also open to collaborate with others to make Nairobi Coffee Fest a success. In 2017 event, our partners were: Bar Factory, Connect Coffee, Horeca Kenya, Barista Pro, Point Zero Coffee, PRI - Kenya and Kating Edge Events. Nairobi Coffee Fest 2018 will take place in Arboretum on September 23rd. If you would like to participate, click the button below.






In collaboration with PRI Kenya we pledge to support small scale farmers by donating 10% of our ticket proceeds.

PRI Kenya is a registered NGO set up in 2011 with the aim of providing an umbrella for permaculture education, projects and research in East Africa. PRI Kenya's vision is to see a community-led development towards a sustainable future that has the permaculture ethics of care of the earth, care of people and fair distribution of resources at its core. Our Community Permaculture & Regenerative Enterprise Programme took off in late 2013 and takes an innovative approach to development, combining permaculture and entrepreneurship. We work with local partners on food security and sustainable livelihoods through training in permaculture and enterprise skills alongside offering group development training. Our aim is to support these farmers associations and women’s groups to set up as small ecological enterprises, providing a sustainable income and show that this can be done whilst regenerating the environment and providing food and nutrition security for the community leading on to their financial sustainability. Coffee story - The coffee experts at Safari Lounge have come together with Rongo Coffee Farmers to give you a unique coffee that is grown using sustainable farming and permaculture practices. Rongo Coffee Farmers are a group of small-holder farmers from Rongo, Migori County in Kenya. Rongo, meaning the God of Cultivated Food, is blessed with fertile soils and abundant rains, but unsustainable agricultural practices in the past five years have seen increasing deforestation and Soil erosion in the area. Safari Lounge is now working with the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya, Sustainable Village Resources and the Rongo Coffee Farmers in their efforts to create environmentally sustainable livelihoods. Every purchase supports care for the farmers, care for the earth and care for fair share.






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